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GreenLife started out as giving new life to an old property but it has grown and evolved over the years. GreenLife is about creating new memories that last a lifetime. 

GreenLife is about being purposeful and sustainable. GreenLife is about celebrating the beauty of nature . GreenLife is about taking a step back  and embracing a less-stressful way of spending time. We welcome you to our inn. Come #stayawhile !

The Story

GreenLife Inn at Mimosa was originally built as a casino/gaming house in the early 1900's as an expansion of the, then, Mimosa Hotel. It sported a bowling alley, grand ballroom, and everything in-between. The building was converted to an inn when the hotel burned down and has taken on many roles throughout the decades since. It was always a sought-after destination as it is nestled in the uniquely beautiful foothills of Western North Carolina in Tryon. 

We started bringing this gem back to life (and into the 21st century) about 6 years ago. GreenLife is not like most historic inns. You won't find rooms adorned with wallpaper and lace. Our vision has always been to include all the modern comforts you'd expect in today's world while preserving the unique details of the building and its history. 

Our inn was constructed a place of gathering and celebration and that is the legacy we hope to continue. 






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